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New game well on the way!

2008-05-23 12:43:17 by Crunchy-Monkey

The new animation I am working on (annouced in my last post) is currently being postponed, because I have started to create a new flash game. I think it's a pretty original idea and it will appeal to music fans in general, or just anybody with a creative desire. It should be finished by this week sometime. More to come...

New game well on the way!


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2008-05-23 12:45:31

looks good.


2008-05-23 12:50:00

That looks pretty good, actually. I hope it works out well.


2008-05-23 12:50:28

By the way, I have a new game coming out soon, and I'd like some feedback. go to my page, read the post, and either PM me or comment!