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Custom Guitar v.2 (and COLORS)

2008-05-30 02:18:07 by Crunchy-Monkey

Firstly I want to thank everyone for playing and voting for Custom Guitar v.1. Because of it's success I have started to make a Version 2, and it will greatly improve on the first one.

I've gotten a lot of people tell me the pros and cons of the game, so I will try to consider each idea or feature you guys have given me for the new version.

Alot of people complained about the color choosing method so I have implemented a color pallette system. This will offer about 196 color choices (not including special colors and patterns, which will be included in this game) as opposed to the 37 colors in version 1.

Also, if you have a request for a guitar body to be used then please tell me. I can't make any promises but I will try and include it in the game.

See you soon.

Custom Guitar v.2 (and COLORS)


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2008-05-30 02:29:06

Heh, itd be sweet to play the guitars with the keyboard too.


2008-05-30 07:09:09

you need the Jimmy Page double-neck


2008-05-30 09:33:53

Wow, looks like you've dived right into it.

Some B.C. Rich parts, please? And hopefully some more stickers, and a customizable strap.

I can hardly wait.


2008-05-30 10:55:44

Yay, The first one was great, and this is gonna be better :)
Color choosing was one of the problems, and you seem to have solved that...
Now, some body shapes I'd include:
Ibanez: Xiphos, JEM
B.C. Rich: Bich, Zombie, Warlock
Washburn: Maya

You should also think about customisable controls, because I'd add a killswitch...


2008-05-30 15:22:57

The guitar i want to see: Gibson Firebird

Crunchy-Monkey responds:



2008-05-30 19:29:00

When will it be out?

Crunchy-Monkey responds:

Maybe 2 weeks?


2008-05-31 23:09:43

guitar suggestions:

gretsch corvette
gretsch 6120
gretsch country gentleman
rickenbacker 620
rickenbacker 360
rickenbacker 325
fender jaguar/jazzmaster
fender mustang
fender starcaster
gibson eds 1275 (double neck sg)
gibson es 335/45/55
gibson super 400
gibson firebird
gibson es-175
national airline (jack white's guitar)
eko rokes- o_rock4.jpg
mosrite mark
parker fly
burns bison
burns marvin
danelectro shorthorn
danelectro pro
epihone coronet/crestwood
music man albert lee
music man axis
hofner club
ibanez jem
jackson randy rhoads
jackson kelly
brian may red special
peavey t-60
prs custom 22/24
stienberger synapse
vox phantom
vox teardrop
dean dime

i know that's allot and you probably won't put half of those in but just want to be helpful. can't wait till this game comes out.

Crunchy-Monkey responds:

I am going to put some of these in the game, but I won't say which. But I will say that Jack White's guitar is probably going to be in it but I don't know the name of it. I've searched sites and everyone is different, to name a few-

-Airline National
-J.B. Hutto
-J.B. Hutto Montgomery Airline

If you could help me with this that would be great.