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CG2 Preview

2008-06-05 08:26:34 by Crunchy-Monkey

Expect to be able to do stuff like this. Expect to play your creation.

CG2 Preview


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2008-06-06 17:54:16


Crunchy-Monkey responds:

Yes, yes it is.


2008-06-07 13:26:53

i would love to have a strat like that. how close to completion would you say the game is?

Crunchy-Monkey responds:

Well I've done about 14 guitars so far, and 8 of those are the ones from the first game with some minor changes. I plan to make 20 guitars. I try to add 1 guitar minimum each day. Sometimes it's more so hopefully it shouldn't be much longer than a week.


2008-06-09 13:52:13

how do you draw all of the guitars? do you just trace or what? because they look really good.

Crunchy-Monkey responds:

Thanks. Yeah I get pictures of the net then copy and past them into flash. Then all I gotta do is get the line tool and trace over the lines and shit, then color it in. Today I also added your 'Mockingbird' so yeah, be happy and stuff. Give me good scores :D


2008-06-09 17:54:36

awesome. thanks man. all my 5 r will definitely belong to this. can't wait. oh yeah, will there be basses too or just guitars?

Crunchy-Monkey responds:

Maybe. No.


2008-06-10 11:39:05

Ooh, a Warlock Headstock, nice. I'm looking forward to reviewing this quite a bit, despite the fact that I'll probably make a pink Warlock and giggle like a little girl at it for half an hour. Fan-dabby-dosey!

Crunchy-Monkey responds:

Yeah, heaps of people wanted B.C. Rich headstocks so thats what they're gonna get.


2008-06-11 12:48:45

you should get stuff from artist models also like Ymgwie Malmsteen's Stratocaster's body or Synyster Gates Model' body and other heads from various artists


2008-06-11 12:52:13

put some Dean Guitar parts in the game and some of Dimebag's Models in it too


2008-06-11 13:15:49


This is going to own, dude. HURREH UP...

Guess I can't rush a master =P


2008-06-12 20:34:30

Looks nice. I also think you should try to make a drum set version maybe? I could be played like different keys=different drums.


2008-06-13 00:02:58

dude kick ass i love ur first guitar game i play it everyday and make a new one and its fun the only thing u need to change is the music put some ac/dc please man but write me back and tell me when the new one comes out peace out


2008-06-13 00:09:42

dddddddddddddddddddddddddddduuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudddddddddddddddddeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee keep them coming


2008-06-13 19:34:15

Don't listen to Infernus92, he's an idiot haha. But yeah, you better be adding a variety of pickup configurations.

Crunchy-Monkey responds:

neck, mid, and bridge


2008-06-17 08:51:22

could you please put in Airline 2P guitar? i saw Jack White playing on rock am ring with that guitar and it looked awesome

Crunchy-Monkey responds:

I'm way ahead of ya. It's already been done.


2008-06-18 15:27:33


Cant wait to build some telecasters.


2008-06-18 19:01:13

it looks kick ass
but let me tell you...
if there are only 20 guitars...there better be a lot you can fucking do with them!


2008-06-18 19:45:47

I am not trying to be impaitent but WHEN IS IT GONNA BE DONE I CAN'T WAIT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


2008-06-21 10:57:28

now you can make your own guitar
with stripes and stuff
awsum :3


2008-06-21 12:11:16

all this game need is some Dean Parts


2008-06-28 21:51:28

you need B.C. rich guitars then it would be awesome


2008-06-28 23:06:41

shit dude, how much longer is this game gonna take? i'm tired of waiting. also, did you put different hardware options in (black, gold, etc.)?